NYFW: Backstage Duckie Brown Autumn/Winter 2015

Beck_Lauren_Duckie17Image: Lauren Beck.

Vulnerable in both emotive thought and physical material, Duckie Brown‘s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection—perhaps the last runway show in the near future for the brand, as Steven Cox hinted to Tim Blanks—reveals a dramatically mature style for the label. Instead of the usual seasonal embellishments, plunging silk buttondowns were paired with pleated trousers and transparent, loose fits for a sartorial awakening of the Duckie man.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie04Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie24Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie22Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie20Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie18Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie16Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie14Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie13Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie11Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie10Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie09Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie07Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_Duckie06Image: Lauren Beck.