NYFW: Backstage KYE Autumn/Winter 2015

Beck_Lauren_KYE06Image: Lauren Beck.

From preppy school uniforms to swagged out urban gear—and even a touch of a romance!—KYE‘s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection shimmed between genres with effortless ease and details as loud close up as they were far away.

Beck_Lauren_KYE20Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_KYE19Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_KYE18Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_KYE14Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_KYE11Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_KYE10Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_KYE08Image: Lauren Beck.

Beck_Lauren_KYE04Image: Lauren Beck.