Nudie Jeans Releases New Bloodline Collection

Indigo BloodlinesImage: Nudie Jeans.

For its 15th birthday, Nudie Jeans releases a limited edition collection of denim made with biodegradable materials. Titled Bloodline, the collection reflects the brand’s passion for premium raw and selvedge jeans with a life-blood that is tried and true indigo. Founded in 2001, Nudie Jeans transcends denim from a fabric to a lifestyle, this theory showcased in its recent picnic blanket collection. “Denim is a living fabric that changes over time,” says founder Maria Erixon. “[It is] for everyone, of all ages and genders.”

The latest collection honors the brand’s mission of sustainability, featuring organic cotton textiles made with paper, hemp, and bamboo. The bamboo linen boasts an unbleached weft similar to vintage jeans, whereas the paper yarn glosses the fabric with a smoother sheen, the hemp fiber offering a heavier feel with a visible crosshatch effect. Each respective material is signified with varying stitching colors, available in yellow, orange, white, and green. All pieces boast the classic indigo color made famous by the brand, which is also featured on the new Billy hemp selvedge jacket, and are individually numbered and presented in a custom box, a technique that adds a sense of personalization between product and customer.

The Nudie Jeans Bloodline collection is available in select stores and online now.