Nº21 Mixes the Hard & Soft for FW ’19

Balancing the romantic with the subversive, Nº21 reinterprets classic menswear pieces with a post-punk vitality. Delicate lace shirts are accessorized with large chains, and trench coats and suits in shiny leather fabrics add a new-wave dimension to the conventional.

Images: Paolo Simi.

N21_FW19-25 N21_FW19-23 N21_FW19-21 N21_FW19-20 N21_FW19-17 N21_FW19-16 N21_FW19-15 N21_FW19-13 N21_FW19-12 N21_FW19-11




N21_FW19-9 N21_FW19-8 N21_FW19-7 N21_FW19-5 N21_FW19-3 N21_FW19-2 N21_FW19-1