New Seating In Ligne With Your Expectations

French furniture designer Ligne Roset has been heralded for its innovative yet uncomplicated approach to design. Since it was founded in 1860 by Antoine Roset, in Montagnieu, France (originally as a walking-stick-manufacturing business), Ligne Roset has always embarked on new projects beyond convention, which lands us at the precipice of the brand’s new dynamic collaborations with fellow French designers, Marie Christine Dorner and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, and two new seating concepts now launching in the US. The new sofas are cutting-edge in what they bring to a home, in terms of both aesthetic and comfort.


Marie Christine Dorner’s ‘L’Imprevu is the reification of the definition of the French “l’imprevu,” meaning “unexpected.” Indeed, the most surprising aspect of this already chic addition to any room is the sofa’s ability to transform from a two-unit section of casual seating to a two-unit formation of a queen-size bed in all its glory. Equally, the model allows for a mix-and-match of additional pieces, which can be arranged in various combinations like furniture Tetris. Dorner’s design also allows for an additional ottoman, which can be placed on any end of the couch, allowing for even more variety.

In order to create this furniture, Dorner allegedly convinced Roset to invest in a specialized robotic sewing machine, through which she was able to achieve the quilted pattern look, and confirm once again that part of the secret to her success is the attention to the detail of the material that she is so renowned for. As a result, ‘L’Imprevu is available in three mix-and-match combinations of materials, with a number of color and piece pairings.


The second addition to the Ligne Roset line is Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s ‘Sintra‘: a sofa which embodies all that is valuable in the fluidity, class, and harmony of a more traditional sofa. With a four-legged study base, ‘Sintra brings its solid-oak charm to any room, whilst remaining unobtrusive in its color variations, to either add a pop or just an air of elegance to any room. Since the piece has a steel base beneath the seats, there is no need for a central leg support, which allows for ‘Sintra to look suave from every angle.


Both Sintra and L’Imprevu are now available on the Ligne Roset US website.

Photos: Ligne Roset.