Miharayasuhiro SS’14 Collection

Miharaysuhiro’s Spring 2014 collection allegedly takes its inspiration from the tale of the phoenix, the mythical bird that would spontaneously combust at the end of its life, only to be reborn from its own ashes.  The motif of the phoenix does recur in the prints used on the t-shirts of the line, t-shirts layered under sport coats and worn atop shorts.  Multicolored prints of flames occur on shirts and shorts and the inside of coats.  Interestingly, though, the collection is dominated by the color blue, which features heavily in the sport coats, suits, pants, shirts and shorts that appear throughout Mr. Miharayasuhiro’s runway show.  The clothes have a slightly slim fit, though nothing extreme, and their appearance suggests breathable fabric, fit for the climes of Spring.  The phoenix is less a motif and more a guiding principle for Mr. Miharaysuhiro; he calls us to remake ourselves with the changing of the seasons.


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