London Sock Co. Gives Socks the Video Treatment

The cliche of socks as a bad gift may be coming to an end now that  London Sock Co. has released a video-playing-sock-gift box, which might just be the perfect surprise. The new interactive package allows the user to record a personal video message for a loved one, and, once opened, have it play automatically through the built-in video screen inside the lid. The video can be up to 60 seconds long and recorded once guests make your deluxe sock kit purchase – the choices this season include “Simply Sartorial” or “Designer Set.”

“We produce socks for the modern man, inspired by the elegance and panache of the past,” said Dave Pickard, who co-founded the luxury sock brand along with Ryan Palmer in 2013. Apart from the video gift box, the London Sock Co. also offers individual pairs of socks (in every color and for every occasion), regular gift boxes, subscriptions, and ties.

Images: London Sock Co.