Best Made Co. Partners With Chef Francis Mallmann

Renowned artisanal tools and adventure products brand Best Made Co. is collaborating with Michelin-star Chef (starring in Netflix’s Chef’s Table)  Francis Mallmann as the creative advisor to the company. Francis Mallmann is an Argentinian chef, culinary icon, and a long-time friend of the brand, known for his Indiana Jones travel and cooking lifestyle. Mallmann will be partaking in the company’s first ever influencer program through which he will cultivate brand ambassadors and introduce Best Made Co. to his vast creative networking web of adventurers, travelers, and connoisseurs. He also supports the creative direction of currently ongoing projects and initiatives, which includes an exclusive line of collaborative products.


Photo: Courtesy of Best Made Co. 

At the heart of the collaboration is the shared belief of both Mallman and Best Made Co. in the beauty, freedom, and quality of life that comes from loving the outdoors. Each item in the collection is not merely a tool or accessory, but rather a staple in bettering the outdoors time of consumers, a symbol for exploration, and a device through which to take yourself out of a familiar indoors routine.

The journey towards the collaboration began long ago, when Mallmann met Peter Buchanan-Smith, founder of Best Made Co. at his shop in New York, while purchasing several of his axes. “We created a bond over this primal and beautiful tool that took us, over the years, on many adventures in South America,” says Mallmann. The conjunct collection combines Francis Mallmann’s know-how perspective and inspiring vision with the expertise in craftsmanship, practicality, technicality of Best Made Co. It includes his signature co-branded grill (which is exclusive to Best Made Co.), a wide selection of leather toes, carriers, and apparel, encouraging users to believe in a work-life balance, and more simply, in adventure.