Jack Black is Raising the Turbo Bar

Jack Black Turbo Body BarSome soapy news from the team at Jack Black. They’ve been hard at work turning their popular Turbo Body Wash in to a bar of soap. That may seem strange since the trend is usually the other way around, but actually, bar soap travels much better (any guy who’s had their bottle of wash explode in their gym bag knows this). So maybe start looking for a good travel soap box like these. Anyway, the bar will have the same scent as the wash (think invigorating rosemary and eucalyptus) along with Natural Blue Lotus and Ginkgo Biloba, a great combo help combat fatigue and stimulate the senses. Also, as from our experience with the wash, something to make you feel relaxed in the shower during flu season. More—the rich lather nourishes with hydrating Murumuru and Shea Butters while natural Lava Rock gently polishes, leaving skin supple, smooth and clean. Lava. Dangerous. The Jack Black Turbo Bar Soap lands in Nordstrom this November for $15.