Hugo Boss Suits Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood for ‘House of Cards’

Image: Hugo Boss.

As Netflix series “House of Cards” returns with its fourth season, we couldn’t think of a better time for Kevin Spacey’s scandalous Frank Underwood to appear in new wardrobe under the name of one of the most popular designers to date. In collaboration with the series’ costume designer Johanna Argan, Hugo Boss has cleared the rack with pieces from its made-to-measure collection, matching the show’s often dark leanings with clean, modern looks using moody, monochromatic blacks, grays, and blues. The selection of custom pieces defines a seasonal storyline with a stitch initialed “FU” inside the suits, accentuating the character’s personality and transition as he falls downward. Who knows, maybe the candidates for this fall’s real-life election will take a note or two when seeing Underwood on screen.