Hublot Creates the First Vibrantly Colored Ceramic

Hublot continues to up its game as a leader in watchmaking design. No stranger to material innovation — the brand is also responsible for developing the world’s most scratch-resistant 24K gold — the Swiss watchmaker has recently announced the launch of the world’s first most vibrantly colored ceramic. The new material was made with a groundbreaking technology breakthrough (after four years of research and now patented by the brand) that allows pressure and heat to penetrate through the surface of ceramic without damaging the pigment. And just like that, a material as old as all time is reinterpreted for generations to come.


To celebrate the introduction of this new material, Hublot is releasing the Big Bang Unico Red Magic. The new, bright red watch is meant to symbolize passion, power, and glory. Each of the watch’s parts — including outlined Arabic numerals on the clock face — matches the fiery color palette, ensuring it will be a showstopper and welcome addition to Hublot’s arsenal of exceptional timepieces.


The Big Bang Unico Red Magic is available online now. Take a look at some of the pieces below.



Images: Hublot.