G-Star RAW Collaborates with Boiler Room to Launch RAW Sessions

Image: G-Star RAW.

Renowned denim brand G-Star RAW teams up with the world’s biggest online music broadcaster, Boiler Room, to launch a series of global events and short films, titled RAW Sessions. Doing what it does best—providing stage to underground musicians, Boiler Room will air the music events live, and the films will attempt to uncover and depict an understanding of each artists’ lives in the cites that they live in and create. In addition, the project will capture the artists’ styles by responding to the question asked by G-Star’s Autumn/Winter ’15 campaign “How do you wear yours?” Top top it all off, a number of musicians—Neverland Clan, Skinny Girls Diet, Manaré, NSDos, Piu Piu, Azamat, Boyzn Bucks, and DJ Lag—are set to perform in four cities around the world: London, Paris, Johannesburg, and Barcelona. The creative duo are leading the way in fashion/music partnerships that brings us the remarkable gift of true art.