Eco-Chico: An Insider’s Look At The Meatpacking District’s Latest Tenant


When you think Meatpacking District, it’s doubtful that you’re noggin thinks eco-friendly. Unless, say, you’re Design Development NYC, who recently put the finishing touches on a 3,600 square-foot loft apartment neatly tucked inside the highly coveted Porter House at 66 9th Avenue. The homeowners, loathsome of toxins — can you blame them? — wanted a kid friendly environment for their three younglings. Through the use of resourceful technology, innovative construction, ecological materials, and an environmental approach to energy supply, tah-dah, a home was conceived. With no VDC or fiberglass, they cleverly used old denim as insulation and perimeter stone bands with radiant under floor heat. With no sacrifice to their personal aesthetic, several custom millwork pieces were integrated throughout the space, all created in Queens at the Design Development millwork shop.

Eco-Chico3 Eco-Chico2