The Hangover Helper that Works

Resqwater hangover drink vitamins minerals acetaldehyde caffeine free amino acids buy purchase store priceWe know that these hangover cure drinks are nothing new, but, uh, let’s just say we tested this one and found it useful. One before we imbibed, one after and what would normally be the unfavorable effects of mixing bourbon and tequila in the same night (shit happens) were considerably lessened. Actually, it was one of our few typo-free days (not that your editor/writer here normally drinks on work nights but, well, events do happen…). So what’s up with this stuff?

First of all, it tastes good. Like lemons and lime. So it goes down easy. Secondly, the makers are skeptics, which we alway say is a good sign. They created Resqwater because they found all the other hangover helping drinks out there to be full of fluff or just a lot of caffeine. Oh yeah, this stuff has none such stimulants, so don’t call it an energy drink. What it does have is a calvary of all natural ingredients eager to do battle with something called acetaldehyde, better known to you as the enzyme causing your hangover. Because your body’s pissed at not having the guns to metabolize it, you may start feeling queasy, the spins, tired, achy, and an overall feeling of ickiness. Since we’re not in the business of getting smashed, we can’t vouch for it if you decide to jump off the deep end, but if you’re going out for the night and plan on taking in more than a casual drink and less than your average college frat boy, then keeping these stashed in your fridge is certainly a good idea. Also, coffee.

Check the ingredient list and where to buy at resqwater.com

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