Burn Rubber and New Balance

Who needs boring financial reports to tell you the economy is bouncing back when you can just look into the window of Detroit’s famous Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique. They’ve teamed up with New Balance to create a new line of sneaks dedicated to and inspired by the “incredible resiliency” of the Detroit workforce during the (thankfully over) crash of the American auto industry. Last month saw both brands launching the Blue Collar as an homage to the hands-on workers who suffered through Detroit’s darkest days and as of today, they’ll set forth the the White Collar MT580 sneaker to pay respect to the office workers who helped keep the the city’s auto industry running when the proverbial gas tanks were empty. Inspirations aside, they’re the kind of sharp looking pair of athletic shoes you can wear with style.

$149.95 at, Kith NYC ( for locations), and CNCPTS in Boston ( for locations)