Brandblack Debuts ‘FUTURELEGENDS’


Image: Brandblack.

On-trend with the persisting techwear aesthetic, recently launched (and Jamal Crawford-endorsed) performance sportswear company Brandblack presents its debut collection, “FUTURELEGENDS,” which officially releases this weekend (August 18-20, 2014) at Agenda Las Vegas. The 15-piece collection consists of contemporary silhouettes, moisture wicking T-shirts, heather grey sweatshirts with breathable spacer mesh, and stretch nylon windbreakers, all featuring innovative components such as heat-sealed seams and TPU-dipped laces.


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Image: Brandblack.


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Image: Brandblack.

If you’ve ever wondered what a basketball or track uniform from 2025 would look like, check out Brandblack at Atmos in New York and Tokyo, Blends in Los Angeles, and STORM in Copenhagen, or online now.