New G-Shock Garish Series Pops Some Color

 G-Shock Garish Color Series shock proof waterproof water proof magnetic proof performance watches summer sturdy strong powerful sale buy purchase price cheap discount image

G-Shock’s just released a few new additions to their “Garish Color” series with pops of color to go with your intrepid summer look. The 200SH features red, neon green and bright blue color details at the inside of the bezel with hands to match and resin straps that come in black, silver and gun metal. The 8900SH brings it digital style with a metallic maroon and matte purple accents. And of course all are water/shock/magnetic proof for whatever trouble you may be geting into this summer. Where to buy after the jump.


The GA200SH collection ($160) and the GA8900SH collection($110) are available as of now at


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