Nashe Does Russian Bohemia for Spring/Summer ’20

Emerging Russian label Nashe reinterprets the cultural background of its country through a bohemian lens in their Spring/Summer 2020 collection, shown in Moscow. In a place with highly defined sexuality, the brand takes a new spin on masculinity — the resulting look at identity is refreshing, especially when blunt. The direct exposure and romantic fits expose a spectrum of masculine identities beyond the traditional. With brands like Gosha Rubchinsky dominating the Eastern European fashion landscape, there’s also been a need for a different perspective like Nashe.


Whereas in Russia the culture of baths (banya, really hot saunas) is an important element of life, there is never talk of the eroticization and sensuality in the ritual. This idea follows though many other activities where a male is observed as the dominant figure — always a fiance and never a bride. Nashe took the male figure to sexualize him as a bride offering a sense of lightness and innocence in the garments he wears.