And Now, For Absolutely No Reason At All: Marilyn for America

Marilyn Monroe Sweater

Oh lord, Marilyn Moroe, America, Mint & Purple! There’s probably too much going on with this Marilyn Monroe sweater (also this one, but we’ll let Will Ferrell handle that). Sure, it’s not for every man, but we just can’t stop staring at it. Some reasons you might want to buy it? You’re the biggest Marilyn fan in the Solar System (big shirts, require large comparisons), Marilyn Monroe’s would be 87th birthday is on June 1st (soon!), You’re Amanda Lepore on the hunt for pjs, the sweater is hand-printed (bragging points) and it’s made by Riche, a young independent label making some neat stuff and why not support. Otherwise, here’s a crazy wild sweater for boys, girls and anyone in between who know how/like  to work an overly loud look. It’s $175 in limited run so get to it here.

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