Internet-Famous Inmate Jeremy Meeks Appreciates the Attention but is “Not Some Kingpin”


It’s the ad campaign mugshot that’s been seen by millions. Thirty-year-old Jeremy Meeks sent the online community into a heated tizzy when authorities in Stockton, California posted his mugshot on social media late last week.

It inspired tens of thousands of memes of varying degrees of cleverness, starting with his face being photoshopped into popularized campaigns:

Then therere were of course the merchandising opportunities:

Meeks, who was arrested on charges of illegal gun possession and gang crime, has finally spoken out on the incident, saying “I appreciate [the attention], but I just want them to know that this is really not me. I’m not some kingpin.”

A Facebook “Fan” page has amassed over 166,000 “likes” as of this morning.

Images courtesy of Twitter, Elite Daily, and Redbubble.