EH Gift Guide #10: The Host

1. karl x christofle

Karl Lagerfeld X Mood by Christofle

Dinner with Karl Lagerfeld is served with a 24-piece silver-plated flatware set each marked with a branded silhouette logo. The set is available in both stainless steel (1000 pieces) and classic black option (500 pieces), each numbered for organizational convenience, and packaged in an Art Deco-inspired Fabergé egg designed in partnership with French homeware designer Christofle.

$3,500, available online on

2. Acne

Acne Studios Throw Pillow 

Tis the season for chilling on the couch, watching movies while the weather goes crazy outside and a cozy wool patchwork pillow is a must.

Price upon request, available online on

3. gucci

Gucci Metal Folding Table

This metal table features a round tray printed with the word “Urtica Ferox.” Used for its original purpose as a table, or hung on a ring, this table is a coveted piece for sure.

Price available upon request, available at select Gucci stores and online on


5. rassvet

Rassvet Skateboard Decks

Mount these on your walls for an alternative art piece.

$47.50 each, available online on

6. Tom Dixon Stove Top

Tom Dixon Coffee Maker 

Give your Italian stove top an upgrade with this art deco, copper finish espresso-maker. Elegant and actually useful, your coffee ritual will never feel the same again.

$190, available online on

7. Andrej Urem candles

Andrej Urem Collection

Artisan soy candles can bring a sense of ease to any interior space.

$35 each, available online on

8. Apparatus cloud pendant light

Apparatus Studio CLOUD

Have a bright cloud over your head at all times with this Italian-made chandelier

$5,150, available at

9. aesop

Aesop The Familiar Horizon Home Set

Give your guests (and yourself) the best with this complete Aesop set.

$90, available online on

10. Hermes Boxes

Hermès Tangram Boxes

These adorable painted boxes are the perfect way to conceal your knick-knacks.

$661, available online on

11. Moleskine

Moleskine Recipe Journal 

The ultimate gift that may totally grow into a family tradition is a recipe journal to keep track of treasured recipes for generations to come.

$29.95, available online on

12. paulitano+arm+chair+natural+blk

Paulistano Arm Chair

A draped, hammock-like seating unit that brings tranquility to the home.

$1995, available online on

Mini Organic Trays

Notre Monde Organic Mini Treys

These configurable trays are a dazzling addition to the home.

Price available upon request, available in select stores and online on