Bottega Veneta Releases Captivating SS18 Video Campaign

Bottega Veneta released the newest video sequences as part of its Reflections series for SS18. The new videos, directed by acclaimed art director Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron fame, titled Utopia (above) and Rebirth (below), continue the saga as the latest segments in the ongoing Art of Collaboration initiative.

Art of Collaboration was first launched in 2001 by creative director Tomas Maier, as a vehicle to work with renowned photographers and artists for the Italian designer’s campaigns — all can be found in a book chronicling the project. While earlier releases have focused on pushing the limits of fashion photography, the new version aims to amplify storytelling through a luxury lens. This is emphasized in the warm pink glow of Utopia and in the surreal nature of Rebirth.

“We have always told stories about our products and our brand,” Maier said in a statement. “The evolution of the Art of Collaboration enables us to reach and have a dialogue with the customer on his or her own terms.” Check out the videos here.