Dove Men + Care

Dove’s been around so long that when they finally started making Dove Men + Care a few years ago, it almost felt like a gauntlet had been thrown in the soap aisle in our drug store. Even with its soft and curvy everything, it had always been a “her brand” that a guy didn’t really have a problem using. Did we need them to go all manly on us? Well now that we’ve got our own version of Dove – with recent body wash and deodorant releases – how could we not check it out? And we placed a call to Dr. Jeff Benabio who is the dermatologist expert behind the Dove Men + Care to see what was up. He explained…”It’s different that the regular Dove you used to use because Dove Men + Care is actually formulated for men’s skin…” Well. What would that be? Like does my soap know I’m a guy?…. “Well, yes. Mens’ skin is both thicker and oiler than a woman’s.” So that Dove of hers now has a cousin that speaks well, Man + Care, which means that the oil balancing action of the Clean Defense Body Wash is actually purposed for your naturally oily masculine skin. Good. Of course scent has something to do with it too and the Fresh Awake Body Wash is zesty enough for you (though we don’t think she’d complain either) and works well to moisturize skin that can dry out over night. We also played around with the deodorant and antiperspirant, both of which offer 48 hour protection and have the sort of ingredients that keep you dry in there. They also have the kind of subtle guy scent that makes you think twice about putting on a an obvious fragrance. Satisfied that this Dove Men + Care was rightfully separating the sexes in the product aisle, we chatted with Dr. Benabio some more and he’s got some advice for you this memorial day as you’re out in the sun—”Don’t forget to moisturize with an SPF on your face. It’s the most common thing guys forget to do and really could cause the most damage.” So we guess that means to look for a Dove Men + Care moisturizing SPF for your face sometime in the future! For more about Dove Men + Care click here! For a good face moisturizer with SPF for this summer, check here!