Garrett Leight + Mark McNairy Eyewear: That's an Optical Screw to You!

Mark McNairy Garrett Leight eyewear sunglasses glasses

What does Garrett Leight (you know, of namesake Cali-sophista-chill eyewear?) think of the new line of glasses he’s helped make in collaboration with irreverent, quirk-master Mark McNairy? “These Mark McNairy glasses definitely say, ‘Fuck off’.'” Agreed. And who doesn’t love their eyewear to shout four letter expletives? Anyway, McNairy’s first every eyewear collection, which were first seen at the Mark McNairy Spring 2013 runway show, lands in stores like Colette and Opening Ceremony as of this week. This first go ’round, McNairy was inspired by “inconspicuous weirdos, maniacs, creeps, and people that don’t give a damn what anyone thinks…People like Aristotle Onasis, Charles Bukowski, Mickey Rourke, Michael Caine, Peter Falk, Allen Ginsberg, Groucho Marx.” You’ll note the fucking-off in the rounded frames, two of which are metal, come in both optical and sunglasses, are made in Japan and branded as Mark McMairy…and the one acetate frame, made in America, optical only and marked as Mark McNairy and Garett Leight. The real “fuck off” however comes with the $425 price tag, which, ok, is a lot of fucking money, but well, if you want some eyewear that’ll curse everyone out, it’s bound to cost you.