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Cooper & Thief Introduces Wine-Drinking Ceramics

In honor of its ex-tequila barrel-aged sauvignon blanc wine, Cooper & Thief partnered with Josephine Heilpern on a custom ceramic drinking set inspired by Mexican tequila-drinking cups.

Josephine Heilpern Cermics

Josephine Heilpurn with her custom Cooper& Thief carafe set.

With an outpost in Red Hook, Heilpern took to the wheel to design the perfect ceramic carafe set. The result is basically an enlarged tequila set — as we usually want more wine than we would normally drink of tequila. In her signature geometric style, the design features an exterior decorated in high gloss yellow glaze leaving parts unglazed to reveal the clay. The yellow color was chosen and custom-created to match that of the sauvignon blanc.


Carafe Sets are available at for $175.