Carlos Campos SS’14


Soccer is the beautiful game, the world’s game, and its more than century of global play has created a culture of mingled high and low influences, of working-class toughness and international glamour. Carlos Campos deals readily in this magnificent dichotomy in his Spring 2014 collection. The motif of the goal net is repeated multiple times throughout the collection, on shirts and sweaters and even on pants. The colors of a uniform- white, navy, gray, black- predominate, as though the models are taking their style cues directly from the pitch. But, again, it is the upper-class and working-class blend unique to soccer that powers the collection. Shorts and windbreakers exist in harmony with luxurious sweaters and double-breasted suits. Soccer can bring the common man to global heights, and it can bring the superstar into connection with the masses. The Carlos Campos man spans the bridge between those worlds, always confident no matter the setting.

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Photo Credit Marko Kalfa.