A Bomber Jacket to Consider for Fall—Alpha Industries MA-1 Reissue

Why not turn towards Alpha Industries if you’re feeling like Bomber jacket this fall. Afterall, the company, founded back in 1959, began as an outerwear manufacturer for actual bombers (the US Department of Defense) and continued until about 10 years ago when they became a civilian apparel company. This week, they’ve dropped a revamped version of one of their most iconic jackets, the MA-1. The last time they touched the look was in 1963, when the MA-1 flight jacket was substantially revised by changing the lining to bright emergency orange and making the jacket reversible. If an aircraft was shot down or crashed, surviving aircrew were instructed to wear the jacket on the orange side to make them more visible to rescue personnel. Updated for the Alpha Fall 2012 collection – the MA-1 Reissued is a tailored contemporary silhouette. The jacket features the same premium flight nylon with a softer vintage wash, quilted monotonal lining and subtle detail changes, like a neon orange hanger loop rather than lining, that stay true to the history of the iconic MA-1, yet modernize the jacket for today’s savvy shopper. The MA-1 Reissued is available here for $143.00.


MA-1 Reissued