Your Perfect Gingham Shirt for Summer

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The gingham button up is to summer what the plaid flannel is to winter. See: Staple. But something that should live in every guys wardrobe can get kinda, well, boring. So one way to spice things up is to look a little deeper than where you might expect—for example, with Grayers a young, indie label that has crafted a light-weight, trim-fit gingham that’s both classic, but quite contemporary. They’ve gone with a soft dobby weave, which instead of popping with bright color, endows the shirt a healthy amount of texture. In navy and white, it’s a great way to mix up a nautical look and in surplus green and white, you can get all monotone with the inevitable camo you’ll be wearing this summer. There’s a reason the shirt is so perfect—Grayers has the stamp of Ralph Lauren alum all over it. It was founded in 2012 by Peter Georgiou, who previously spent 10 years on the Ralph Lauren team and brought on Kenny Thomas as Creative Director, a name that for 13 years had the Ralph Lauren VP of Concept Design attached to it. You can check out the entire Grayers look book and brand concept here and shop the shirt ($75) at


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