What to Wear on World Ocean Day

Image: National Geographic.

Whether you are a surfer, swimmer, or even an occasional user of the Boracay’s beautiful white beach wallpaper, here are some wearable and non-wearables ways we can individually sail towards a better and more stylish world.

2. Rovic Combat Bermuda Shorts, G-STAR RAW

GstarImage: G-Star RAW.

G-Star RAW for the Oceans collaborates with Bionic Yarn and Parley for Oceans to offer denim made out of recycled ocean plastic. With the creative director of Bionic Yarn—the eco-textile company that makes fabric from recycled ocean plastic—also known as international singer Pharrell Williams behind the project, the collection proudly presents cool and stylish ocean-friendly pieces, merging denim with maritime-inspired designs. The chill octopus logo itself is a sure reason to buy these combat shorts.