Virgin Galactic is Opening a Space Terminal

Virgin Galactic is taking leaps into the future with its all-new “Gateway to Space” commercial spaceport. Looking like a modern Jetsons, the Foster + Partners design is a 670,000 square-foot facility in New Mexico that should be open by 2020.


The expansive terminal is spread across two stories — the first level, the Gaia lounge, is meant to encourage astronauts and travelers to meet and mingle before their extraterrestrial travels. The second floor, Cirrus, is decorated in a light monochrome color palette that might look a tad sterile, but represents flight and clouds, being home to the main flight operations and controls. The entire futuristic facility is stocked with the latest technology as well as being highly energy-efficient, promoting sustainability. By the looks of it, space travel just got all the more comfortable.