Use This Sisley Sleeping Mask For Velvet-Smooth Skin

Despite that some still think that the only grooming product necessary is soap, Sisley’s Velvet Sleeping Mask is a gamechanger in moisturizing and nourishing one’s skin literally overnight. Infused with saffron flowers, the thick creme is topically pleasant with a soothing scent. The process is quite simple: apply a generous layer of product onto the skin and wake up with beautifully soft-to-touch skin.


The mask itself is made from honey and orange flowers for extra softness. A cocktail of macadamia oil, cottonseed oil, kokum butter, Japanese lilyturf extracts as well as Glycerin, Pro-Vitamin B5 and padina pavonica extract support deep hydration that also restores the skin to a healthy, glowing condition. Besides the change in the physical condition of the skin, the resulting effect is an overall calming and a night of good sleep.


The Velvet Sleeping Mask will be available at luxury retailers nationwide from August 8.