UNIQLO Embarks on Next Phase of Disney Partnership

Image: UNIQLO.

UNIQLO, the global apparel retailer and Japanese casual wear brand, adds a touch of magic to its impressive 42-store reach with a new Walt Disney World Resort flagship opening Spring 2016. Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida within the latest, historically massive Downtown Disney expansion, Disney Springs, the new brick-and-mortar taps into uncharted Southeastern U.S. markets to expand and develop the brand’s national showcase, which already boasts locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston, among others. A longstanding history entwined with iconic Disney charm makes the new flagship, according to UNIQLO CEO Larry Meyer, a proud and exciting opportunity that brings an unparalleled shopping experience to locals and visitors. A just announced global initiative, MAGIC FOR ALL, pairs UNIQLO LifeWear fashions with Disney Consumer Products, like Marvel and Star Wars, and is the latest in a string of collaborations that strengthen the bond between the fashion retailer and entertainment powerhouse. The 2016 UNIQLO T-Shirt (UT) Grand Prix 2016 Design Contest, which launches unknown designer submissions in a worldwide collection, has been given a “friendship in Disney.Pixar movies” makeover,  just weeks after Disney-released TSUM TSUM plush toys with specially designed UTs—selling out in the first weekend alone—alongside a Mickey Plays clothing line, featuring everyone’s favorite squeaky-voiced mouse. With this sturdy foundational partnership on which to build, the Floridian christening of the newest flagship brings UNIQLO closer, both physically and conceptually, to its collaborative roots with the entertainment juggernaut’s capital, proving the magic between both is only just beginning.