Uniqlo E-Commerce is Now Here

uniqulo e-commerceCancel your trip to Paramus, NJ, or San Francisco or Manhattan or Japan or whatever UNIQLO locay was close to you…as navigating your way through the crowds at their brick and mortar just got a whole lot unnecessary (at least for those of you living far, far away) as the the highly anticipated online shop is now live.  You might want to stop reading and head over to check out the fleece jackets (available in a whopping fifty colors) and long sleeve shirts (not to be outdone, with one hundred and fifteen sizes).  To celebrate the opening, UNIQLO, already the darling of affordability, will offer promotions through October 28th including $9.90 Japanese engineered denim, ultra light down jackets and parkas for $49.90 and cashmere styles starting at $59.90.  Go on, treat yourself: