TwoThirds + Emil Kozak "Sea You Soon" Capsule Collection

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Here’s a shirt that won’t make you board this spring…or wait, maybe it will make you board…an airplane to the sea…or get on a board to surf a wave. Just don’t waive your vacay time this summer or you might not get to see the sea. Uh…Yeah… so try not to smile at the homonymic Spring 2013 installment of the collaboration between surfer/designer Emil Kozak. The collection features a tight collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts inspired by Kozak’s lifetime of longboard surfing (mostly in Barcelona or up on the shores in Basque Country). Sum Some more after the jump.

On the inspiration Kozak explains, “I was born and grew up on a small island in Denmark, but from age 18 and onwards I have been living in two big cities; Copenhagen and barcelona. Needless to say, the rough open landscape and the close proximity to the surrounding sea, stands in stark contrast to urban life. So when i get the chance to get out of the city, the power of the roaring sea, the endless horizon and the majestic clouds overwhelm me with inspiration and fulfillment. For years i have been visiting the basque coast, and every time i return, it‘s like reuniting with a long lost friend. Sea you soon, is a documentation of some of these encounters.”

TwoThirds Emil Kozak sea you soon capsule collection sweatshirt waves

The Two Thirds + Emil Kozak “Sea You Soon” capsule collection (from $52) is available at