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This is the Only Wine Purifier You’ll Ever Need

There are two types of wine enthusiasts: traditionalists unwilling to accept any innovation and contemporary wine drinkers constantly seeking improvement. However, both agree that some wine, especially aged ones, needs to be aerated to open up the most coveted flavors. Additionally, some wines include sulfites as a preservative for the liquid which ultimately does affect the taste. Üllo, a Chicago-based startup, is revolutionizing the field with a single glass (or carafe) wine purifier that acts as an aerator for the wine and also filters out sulfites.




The wine is thus returned back to its natural state as if you drank it straight at the vineyard. In case you prefer to just filter the wine without the need to aerate it, the aerator can be turned off. Whether you breathe life into a sultry red or maintain the balance of a classic white, Üllo pledges to maintain the flavors of the grapes in their best state. Fitting on top of every standard wine glass, this is the only wine purifier you’ll ever need.