The Skinny Tie Clip

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Tie clipping a skinny tie isn’t as easy as you might think. Tie bars are usually a touch too big and most models made for skinnies come with a bulky grap clip, meaning they make your tie protrude in bizarre proportions. Not cool, which is why we’re quite happy to have come across this small brand that specializes in tie clips for skinny ties. Their clips use what they’re calling “SnapLNX technology” (so good they’ve patented it…), which applies enough pressure to firmly stay on the tie while also resting in a flush manner.  What’s even better though are their selection of designs that range from playful graphics (think lightening bolts, bicycles, anchors and birds…yes birds), hirsute hardware (pennies, tokens and other such metallic joy), stately classics (gun metal, brass, old silver) to some cool limited edition tie bars (we’re pining for the Jack Kerouac one). At $40, they’re kind of a steal…and if you happen to have a hipster, skinny tie wearing dad…not a bad idea for Father’s Day. You can shop the collection at skinnytieclip.com