The Sexy Way to Fight Breast Cancer: 2(X)ist Touch Collection

2(X)ist Touch Collection Breast Cancer Dr. Susan LoveHere are some  brand new 2(X)ist underwear that will really, truly, help your cause. As usual, they’ll do a good job of making you, uh, look full down below, but the ladies (and some men) will love you for donning the Touch collection because 15% of the product’s total sales will go directly to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation for Breast Cancer.  By the way, something you should already know—October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The line goes navy and pink hibiscus (nice pairing!) with styles from the No Show Brief, No Show Trunk and the one she’ll love—the Ultra Contoured Pouch Brief. Prices range from $24-$28 and can be picked up here.

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