The Nue Co. is Committed to Inner Beauty

Since launching in 2016, The Nue Co. has garnered a devoted following for its practical products that combine nature with science. “The supplement space can be confusing at the best of times, so I’m very conscious of not fueling the fire when it comes to misleading claims,” Jules Miller, founder of the brand, says. “All of our products are rooted in science.”

The supplement brand started with protein powders and probiotics before diving into the world of wellness with the release of its Skin Food + Prebiotic, which naturally stimulates collagen production (making skin look smoother and brighter) through the gut. “There’s a clear link between gut health and chronic skin disorders, like acne,” she says. “Topical medications or supplements can act as a temporary fix, but repopulating the microbiome with bifidobacteria (good bacteria) is the only solution that gets to the root of the problem.” Next up is Nootro-Focus, a cognitive supplement, replete with ingredients “clinically proven to fuel your brain and support your cognitive health, long-term.”

Miller encourages people to get introspective to figure out the root of their skin problems rather than seek out quick fixes (“There is no such thing,” she declares), making the case once and for all that it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most.