The Miansai Black Hook That Has Us Caught

Miansai Black Anchor Charm natural leather band bracelet men's cool sale buy trend anchor fishing hook line rope boat spring fall

Having created one of the most iconic bracelets of the 2011-2012 men’s bracelet boom—the iconic fishing hook and rope band—Miansai by Micahael Saiger is still doing a good job at convincing us to keep our manly wrists clasped through 2013. Meaning, the designer’s keeping the momentum going with a few more guy friendly permutations of the famed charm-y wrist band, this time using a black enamel hook. They’re all dark and, er, charming, but with all the camel we’ve seen coming down the runway for Fall 2013, the natural leather versions will be the one to reel in the compliments with through the rest of the year. $68 right this way.

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