Thanks to Calvin Klein, Selfies Are Getting Sexier


Image: Calvin Klein.

When it comes to selfies—aside from being in a well-lit, down-tilting location with ample background variation—we’re not completely sure where we stand.

On one hand, we love how such a silly, self-gratuitous tool has been used to bulldoze the boundaries of fashionfilmart, and penetrate the atmosphere of Rihanna, recording intimate and daily moments from her not-from-this-earth life. On the other, if we have to see another poorly-dressed #GQ outfit we might give up life (along with our smart phones) completely.

Luckily, Calvin Klein had the foresight to understand what people really want to see on the internet: hot pics of hot dudes and hotter chicks in their CK labeled-skivvies. Titled “show yours. #mycalvins,” the new digital campaign from the brand encourages you, the people, to drop those trousers and—with your favorite pair of Calvins on—snap your sexiest shot. Afterwards you’re free (if you feel so inclined) to browse the digital hub which features a mix of celebrity selfie-shooters (Trey Songz, Miranda Kerr) and other beautiful every day people in the Klein name.

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, you’ve never had a better excuse to have to buy a new pair of briefs!