Calvin Klein Provocations: Starring Alexander Skarsgård and Suvi Koponen

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If you’re disturbed by moody poetry, slow motion, non-linear story telling and/or Scandinavian beauty, then the latest Calvin Klein cinematic production will be like fire slapping you in the eye. If, however, you’re one of those who appreciate the dabbling of fashion with art, film—and a little celebrity, then it will set the fire to your feet. Provocations is beautifully shot, dark, sleek and sexy ten minute film/commercial for all three Calvin Klein brands (Calvin Klein Collection, CK and Calvin Klein Jeans) starring Alexander Skarsgård (who’s been a frequent face in the world of Calvin Klein) and model Suvi Koponen. There’s some verse recited over modeling, chapters that aren’t in order and a lot of fire. Plus gorgeous architecture. Since it’s long and esoteric…we’ll let you get to it. This way to the theater…


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