Stance Fall 2013 Collection: Step Into It, If You Dare

Stance Socks Fall 2013 Men

We’re still a little perplexed at how it came to this, but socks do indeed come in collections. That’s not a complaint—really—we’re in the midst of experiencing the current sock craze just as much as you are, but it’s taken a moment to adjust to the idea of that a cohesive collection of tubing for your feet can borrow the same terminology used to describe, say, what Ralph Lauren or Rick Owens sends down a runway.

Though, collection implies a timeline, and that, dear readers, is something of note. Socks do have a shelf life. And while you may have a favorite pair, they experience way more wear and tear than that Spring 2013 Givenchy blazer you’ve been over-wearing because you love it so much. Wear your socks to much and they become unsightly rags. Perfect for the trash can.

Which leaves us at the Fall 2013 collection of socks from Stance. It’s time to go though your sock drawer and ditch the faded, torn, worn, ragged  and replace them with some new pieces of biped mastery. There’s plenty of sock brands making designs we love, but Stance is one of the few that makes interesting socks that are thick enough to keep your toes warm for winter. Combined cotton and reinforced heals mean they’re cushy and comfy. The designs that range from preppy to mod to hippy let you pair them with just about anything—even that strange socks n sandal trend that’s been creeping back from it’s mid 1990’s death.

Check out Stance Socks Fall 2013 Collection here.