Simple Pleasures: Matias One Keyboard

We’ll be the first to admit that this product is completely unnecessary…but what joy would life have were it not for its excesses? Especially when they promise a simpler life, like the Matias One Keyboard does. In short, it’s a computer keyboard that’s also an iPhone charger  (It also works with other smartphones using bluetooth) that can be used as a keyboard for your phone. Hum? Yes—one click of a button and you can use real push keys to communicate via your phone while its charging. Plus it has two USB ports. Again—no one really needs this device but if you’re willing to relearn a few of the keys that get moved around to make room for the phone, it would be a nice toy for those of us who’re often managing computer work with text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, personal emails and the stock market. It can be yours for $100 here.