Shopping for Vintage: Bureau of Trade is Addictive

Bureau of Trade Michael Phillips MoskowitzThere’s a new, unique and, yes, addictive, player in the world of online shopping called Bureau of Trade. The site, curated and founded by Michael Phillips Moskowitz (a one time Middle East Foreign policy research analyst for the US and founder of menswer label Gytha Mander) does two things—it conglomerates the best of the best of second hand online shopping and is set up in a way that’s actually makes you feel, dare we say, like you’re doing something smart.  “I wanted to make a banal, empty errand like ‘shopping’ into a meaningful, resonant, didactic experience,” Moskowitz said. “I want to provide an entirely different form of entertainment and engagement that doesn’t just make us lust after merchandise, but makes us smarter. And makes us laugh. This company champions authenticity, intelligence, interaction, and craft, and transforms materialism from a purposeless addiction into a mindful, meaningful approach to personal expression.” And it’s true. Moskowitz and his team have scoured the internet, from Craigslist to Ebay, to get their brand rare and narrative style pieces and have them arranged on the site by decade, style, location and kind (they’ve stuff from cars and motorbikes to suitcases and clothing).  And also, you can shop by feature. Stories on things like “Your next Ex” about watches, “The Full Nelson” with stuff from Herman Miller designer George Nelson’s personal collection, and “Unfriendly Skies” that features a slick collection of aviation inspired must haves. Go ahead, click through, but be sure you’ve got a little time blocked out because once you enter, it’s hard to leave.