Shop the Trend: Hygge

Happy Holidays! We select the year’s biggest trends and how to shop them in this easy guide. This week: Hygge.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s… hygge. The Scandinavian wellness/comfort/lifestyle trend (pronounced ‘hygge’) has leapt across the atlantic from its native Denmark and implanted itself into many a trendy home. Key details involve knits, neutral colors, and a warm cleanliness one might see in a log cabin or hospice care. In trying times (this year was a disaster) it’s good to find sanctuary, even if it’s just at surface level. Stay cozy!

cosImage: COS.

The entire COS catalogue looks mad hygge. The staples label epitomizes the emphasis of comfort along with quality. For the winter, try wearing this oversized cashmere jumper in an incredibly hygge-friendly shade of light grey, but be weary of static electricity.

$190, available at COS and online.

keapImage: Keap.

Candles are an integral part of embracing hygge. And if you can’t fit a fireplace in your apartment, a bunch of candles should suffice in establishing a sense (and scent) of warmth. Keap BK is a subscription candle trend that will send you new candles once a month to maintain the spirit of comfort year round.

$28/month or $35 for one candle, available online.

somewareImage: Someware.

Fall asleep on the couch in peace with this Sabana wool throw blanket. With fabric spun in Colombia using traditional weaving methods, it’s a welcome addition to any hygge household. Be careful about spilling anything on it (it’s 100% virgin wool!) and dry clean only.

$290, available at Someware.

Image: Hender Scheme.

Really maximize the comfort of hygge with these hairy blucher shoes from Hender Scheme. Remember the Breach video for ‘Jack?’ Yes.

$370, available at Hender Scheme.