Scented Memories

If any material accoutrement in a man’s possession going to be “inspired by the flow of energy in nature, dance and music,” it should be a scented candle. Marie Todd, a Los Angeles based designer of home fragrances and jewelry whose inspiration is quoted above, today launched a new line of scented candles specifically for us men. Hand poured in Los Angeles of soy blend wax, Todd was also moved to make a collection of candles that will act as the olfactory soundtrack to your life. With titles like, “The Intellectual”, “The Bad Boy”, “The Adventurer”, “The Artist”, “The Free Spirit”, “The Romantic”, and “The Seducer”, she pretty much has us nailed down. So pick your present or desired fragrant/personality category and get to the memory making!

$12.50 for 2oz votive or $35 for 7oz candle at