Santoni’s Clean Icon Sneaker Envisions Spring With Bi-Colors

Image: Santoni.

This spring season, Santoni introduces vibrant designs and new colorways for its quintessential sneaker, the Clean Icon. The low top sneakers are envisioned with the same craftsmanship the Italian brand is known for and optimized for a style that will not go unnoticed. Featuring the softest raw-edge cut calf leather and lined in neoprene for a comfortable fit, the designs take on colors of lobster red, emerald green, and contrasting tones mixed between soles, laces, and leather; creating playful possibilities like a contrasting green and yellow sneaker (above) that can pair with a stylish jacket or a monochromatic white to lighten up the serious work days. These spring staples are not only constructed using blue-ribbon materials, they are proud trendsetters of Italian artistry.