The New Fragrance from Salvatore Ferragamo is Essenziale

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Encasing Acqua Essenziale, Ferragamo’s newest men’s fragrance, in solid, clear glass was a good idea. That’s because the translucent, azure tonic inside is enticing enough to make you want to dive in—like certain Greek shores of the Mediterranean. And if you stare long enough and you might just start to hear the waves crashing ashore the soft, indecipherable chatter known to be carried on the breeze of the beach. So yeah, Acqua Essentzials looks like the perfect scoop of sea (or sky, your pick) but it’s also scented as if the sea were distilled through flowers, wood, mint and lemon. It’s a bright and carefree scent, that hits the nose like a perfect sea side morning with a burst of sweet grapefruit before revealing hints of lavender, rosemary and geranium  and then settles into honeyed vetiver musk. Check the purchase information post jump.


Eau de Toilette 1.7oz $60

Eau de Toilette 3.4oz $80

Deodorant 2.6oz $34

After Shave Balm 6.8oz $49

Shampoo & Shower Gel 6.8oz $36

All available at Macy’s and

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