Vintage Rugged Elegance, Kai D Camouflage Tie Collection

Kai D Camouflage Tie collection made in america usa new york history rugged masculine elegant

Yes, camouflage print is, ostensibly, a utilitarian pattern but, it’s one that was first developed back in 1915 by the French. So is it any wonder that it has also become an icon of style? (Wink/nod to the storied creativity of French fashion). Also, is it a surprise that the Americans have taken the idea and run with it? (Alexis de Tocqueville certainly would understand, as would the Statue of Liberty if she could think). And run with it  is what Kai D, a Taiwaneese born, young American designer (formerly with Nautica), has done with an entire collection of camouflage print neckwear all 100% made in New York City factories. The assortment  ranges of both bow and long ties and keeps a deferential hold on the classic print, using actual vintage recycled camo print. Like the rest of Kai D’s habiliments—shirts, pants, outerwear, which have been designed with ideals of connecting past and present—the resulting camouflage tie collection is a study on atavistic, rugged, masculine elegance. Check the collection after the jump.

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