Puff, Puff, Pass Technology’s Latest: Introducing The Firefly


Vaporizing is an increasingly popular form of smoking tobacco herbs (sure, herbs) that voids the production of irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products by heating the ‘material’ (herbs!) so its active compounds boil off into vapor. No combustion occurs, so no smoke is present. The extracted vapor is collected in an inflatable bag or inhaled directly through a pipe or a hose, effectively eliminating respiratory disadvantages of smoking. That’s enough science.


Available as of today is the grand-spanking-new Firefly, the first truly portable convection vaporizer. “It’s a vaporizing machine that doesn’t actually feel like a machine,” says The Firefly Co-Founder/CEO (and former Steve Jobs employee), Mark Williams. Since flavors and active ingredients in plants vaporize at different temperatures, the Firefly offers a broad temperature range, delivering more of these ingredients and flavors. “It retains all the really nice things about lighting up, like being able to do it right away when you want to, instead of waiting for a machine to do some robot rebooting thing for a few minutes before its ready.”


The longer you inhale, the higher the temperature and the richer the vapor. In each inhalation, the temperature quickly climbs from room temperature up to 400°F in less than ten seconds, releasing each ingredient as the temperature rises. Featuring borosilicate glass, stainless-steel construction, a magnetic lid (making chamber access and cleaning easy), and a rechargable battery, this device is looking as good as it handles. “It truly merges digital precision with analog responsiveness. Plus, its just plain sexy, like smoking used to be.”

Available in grey, red, & silver, The Firefly is available now, as in go get one, for $269 (Note: Designed primarily for tobacco, okay?).

Images courtesy of The Firefly.